The great debate on what is healthy seems to rage on endlessly these days, with no shortage of “experts”. There are bacon fanatics, vegans, paleo believers, raw foodies, wheat haters, vegetarians, and a million others in between the extremes.

The amazing infographics below represent a generally “healthy” diet with some catering more towards the vegetarians/vegans and some obviously leaning toward the meat eaters. I assure you, there is something useful in here for everyone.

1. Quick and easy meals.

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2. Are you eating enough fruit every day?


3. Sugar lurks behind many interesting and healthy-sounding names. 


4. Cancer thrives in an acidic (sugary) environment. How much do you consume?


5. Choose your vegetables wisely. Adding ANY sort of veggie to your meal is a great idea, but these offer the most bang for the buck. It is surprising to find kale so far down the list, given its hip, trendy nature these days!

15top_nutrientdense6. Looking to spruce up your salad? Here is a handy guide from the classic to the daring.


7. Worried your fresh foods will spoil or wilt before you get around to eating them? Here are some pointers on the best practices for storing your food to keep them fresh and safe!

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8. 13 Exciting hummus recipes!


9. Snacking on Nuts? You don’t need to stock up for winter. You’re not a squirrel!


10. Shopping for one? Here is an effective guide to help you cover the basics (non-vegetarian, non-paleo) without wasting money or food.


11. Ten tasty, homemade soups. I’m a big fan of soups, especially after purchasing a Vitamix blender/juicer. I just throw bits and pieces of veggies that are nearly at the end of their freshness cycle in there and blend with some sort of broth or stock, perhaps some frozen or canned, organic vegetables, spices and herbs, and voila!, a super healthy, steaming hot dinner in 5 minutes. I think I’ve made a dozen different types of tomato soup in the last two weeks alone!

These soups all use the same basic recipe. Check out more information at All Souped Up, via Shape.

12. Mason Jar Salad. This is perfect for the office worker or those on the go!

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13. The definitive Paleo guide.

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14. Want a snack? Put down the cookies and chips, and reap the financial rewards, not just the healthy ones! Plus, you’ll be avoiding a lot of extra, empty calories, void of any nutrition.


15. “Plant the Plate,” illustrates how American farmers could produce enough fruits and vegetables to meet growing demand, create jobs, and support their local economies.