Whoever decides to willingly abandon their pets should be punished by law! This is the only way to discourage such behavior. If you are not capable of taking care of a pet you should not adopt one in the first place! Or if your living conditions change so you can no longer take good care of your pet you should find a nice new home for him or her and not just flat out abandon them. People like that are careless cowards!

One day, Hope For Paws received a call from a local real estate agent about a pooch that was abandoned by the owner. Namely, the family had sold their house and they just left the pup behind. Why would anyone do that!? You’d have to be soulless to do something like that! I bet that person didn’t leave his wife and children behind, so why leave a pet. There is no excuse!

The agent had been feeding the dog for a few weeks while seeking help, and then the volunteers arrived! They quickly caught the nimble little canine and managed to gain her trust. What an adorable, fluffy little pooch! To think that it was abandoned just like that breaks our hearts.

Madison is now safe and ready to be adopted!
[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ymSxqtl5UQ&w=100&h=360]