Couple Win An Award For Having The Best Retirement Home

When one couple decided to create their perfect retirement home, little did they know they’d actually win an award for it. In the video, we meet Jon and Nancy Nystrom – a married pair who have planned to spend their golden years in Boerne, Texas. Yet, instead of simply picking out a house, they decided to design one all on their own.

Fortunately for the Nystroms, Jon spent most of his career working as an architect. So, it just made sense that he and his wife were the ones to design the house where they would spend their retirement years. The 1,970 square foot home was created to be functional, durable, and also with materials that are low-maintenance. Jon chose a timber-frame, using wood so beautiful – that it helps give off an “organic” feel to the home. It has an ideal amount of space…with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a gorgeous kitchen, and a backyard with a fire-pit and pool. Honestly, what else could you ever need?

The Nystrom’s Texas home is so perfect for retirement, that they actually won the 2013 Best Retirement Home award from Fine Homebuilding. Once you watch the video, it’s easy to see why. The home looks so peaceful and comfortable, yet is completely stylish. Wow, now that’s how to retire!