When a little girl in a mall spotted a big, jolly guy with a bushy white beard and a red shirt, she thought she’d spotted Santa doing his Christmas shopping. Amazingly, the man doesn’t miss a beat and plays along.

When she curiously approaches “Santa” (alias Roger), he chuckles and says, “Well, I’ve been told a lot worse!”

He then asks if she’s been a good girl this year and if she’s getting ready for Christmas, and she does a lot of nodding.


She shows Santa her painted nails (he’s very impressed) and tells him she’s leaving cookies out but he has to share them with the reindeer.

She reminds Santa that reindeers eat grass (not cookies, duh) and the lovely man just keeps rolling with it.

“They eat grass, you’re right they do. But up in the North Pole grass is pretty hard to come by. It’s all snow grass.”


Mom jumps in and says to her daughter, “Let Santa get back to his shopping!”

“I’ve got a lot of little kids to buy for,” says Santa, before adding, “And I’ve got a lot of toys to make…” Good save, Santa!

He wishes them “Merry Christmas” as the little girl waves him off.

Watch the adorable video below:

You know, the more we watch it and hear his deep voice and see how jolly and gentle he is we wonder… could it really be?