Get ready to be blown away when you hear the big note in this song. This girl has got some strong pipes…

You may have heard of a young singer named Charice, who has already become a respected singer in her own right. Music legend and renowned songwriter/producer David Foster helped mentor Charice, and here she is joining him on stage for an incredible rendition of “All By Myself.” As any singer will tell you, this song is extremely difficult to sing and requires a strong vocal range. Charice performs it with emotion and such a high level of skill that it makes perfect sense that Celine Dion and Whitney Houston are her main influences.

A few seconds into the song, and Charice blew me away — but just wait until the climax of the song, when she hits that superb high note with everything she’s got. Now that’s talent.

Seeing a music powerhouse like David Foster in such awe of her talent truly inspired me. What a surreal, beautiful experience this must have been for Charice!

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