People across the country are falling in love with these quaint and whimsical little cabins made from reclaimed barn wood. They look like they are out of a children’s storybook fairytale!

flowers out front

Private Playtime Or Hideaway

These fully functioning quirky structures are being snatched up for use as children’s playhouses and guest cottages. The unique shape makes children and adults feel like they are entering a classic fairytale.


Secret Saunas and Sheds

They are even being used as adult saunas and garden sheds with lavish landscaping surrounding them.

cute shed

Known By Their Smokestack

Minnesota architects, The Rustic Way, designed each cute cabin to feature a crooked smokestack.

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Sleeps Two To Four

The cabins can be customized on the inside, and even include sleeping space with a full bed or bunk beds.

bunkbeds with gnoes

Just Like A Real Home

The crooked cabins have bathrooms, a kitchenette, and can run water and electricity.


Pick A Size That Suits You

These charming abodes look little, but at the peak, they are 13 feet 16 inches high and six feet wide inside. Perfect for small gatherings or getaways! They also come in several different lengths.

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Scenic Sunset

The itty bitty mini-houses are also the perfect centerpiece for beautiful photos.

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Shelter In All Seasons

Built by Dan Pauly, who owns The Rustic Way, these enchanting cabins feature a weathered look and are cozy in any setting.

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Built Just For You

Each adorable cabin is customized for the buyer with special colors and decorations.

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Upcycling Old Barn Boards

The material used for the enchanted cabins is reclaimed wood from barns built more than a century ago.

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Created By Fourth Generation Craftsman

Dan’s family immigrated to the United States in the 1800s and began building barns in central Minnesota. The old world craftsmanship was passed down through four generations of his family, as he learned to salvage historic pieces of wood.


All A Twitter About Twig

Even Twig the Fairy — a popular storybook character who magically appears at Renaissance festivals held across the United States —and her friends held a photo shoot at one of Dan’s whimsical cabins at The Rustic Way.

fairy in photo

Pint-Sized Version

But if you don’t have room right now for one of these mystical cabins, Dan also handcrafts miniature versions for you to use as bird and squirrel feeders.

mini version

A Magical Experience

Just step inside one of these life-sized picturesque cabins and you will feel like you’ve entered a magical realm. Invite your friends over for a fun gathering in a crooked cabin or convert one into a playhouse for that special child in your life. Be sure to add your own decorative touch and create a whimsical cabin that can be your very own special escape into a peaceful place.