Competitive Family Of Dachshunds Line Up For The Big Race

When this family sparked an idea to hold a dachshund race, it became the Olympics of dachshund water sports. These pups compete with all their might as they swim to the finish line. They line up, and you can tell these little mini dachshunds are anticipating a good time, as Snoopy is already paddling his paws before he even gets in the water!

Pay careful attention to the introduction of the competitors. First, we have Penny, an especially small mini dachshund, and Valarie, the ‘blonde bombshell,’ lovingly titled for both her light-colored fur, and well. . .her intelligence. Next we have Rupert, a female dachshund nicknamed ‘Ruby,’ and long-haired Zeus. Last of all is Snoopy – you won’t want to take your eye off of him! These five dachshunds and their owners are an absolute hoot and got everyone at the pool laughing out loud. This family must know their dogs well as they placed their bets on the winning dachshund. With all of the fun they have with their dogs, we can see this dachshund race becoming regular fun at the pool.