Winter is coming. But don’t be glum about the short days and cold winds. There’s so much to celebrate, from big coats to bonfires…

We believe that the severity of this time of year does not detract from its beauty and charm. We have gathered the pictures to prove that winter it’s not that really “Cold”.





Starting with this pure winter beauty.

 See the usual things through the prism of magic.

 And She who knows a thousand of storytales.

And tells them long nights.

 Winter pleases those who are able to enjoy the little things.

 Those who can see the greatness in simplicity.

 For someone, it becomes a waiting room.

 Or the long route to the one who is waiting for you at the end of the road.

 Or loneliness, white captive in an enchanted city.

 And no city that could resist these charms.

But nothing prevents us learning the magic.

 And illuminate the cold evenings magic heat.

Being close to your loved ones.

 Or take loneliness as a gift of freedom.

 Fall in love with every single one of shades of white.

 Perform miracles with his hands.

 Believe in them wholeheartedly.

 Then the winter we will respond in kind.

She gave us all its magic – until the last snowflake.