This golden retriever named Jolene really does gets the surprise of her life when her favorite toy, suddenly, pops around the corner, life-sized, then it approaches her…

Her favorite toy has grown like magic and its walking too, what’s going on? It’s big , it’s green and it she is sure it smells like someone else she already knows!

Emily Crisp’s boyfriend, Ben Mesches, really does surprise her Golden Retriever by dressing up as her favorite chew toy, a Gumby doll, the video is just lovely to watch!

“How to make your dog’s day…. bring her favorite toy to life,” wrote this Facebook user, Emily…

This heart-warming and lovely video of Jolene catching sight of her beloved Gumby, coming around the corner, has gone completely viral, with well over 6 million views on Facebook!

Jolene now has millions of fans! Leave us a comment below and tell us what you do for your dog?

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