Some artists get to the point when their usual medium or technique starts to limit their visions. This is exactly what happened to a Polish artist Michal Karcz who found that painting and the ordinary dark room photography techniques didn’t allow him to fully realize his potential.

Born in 1977 in Warsaw, the graduate of the High School of the Arts was first passionate about painting. However, in the early 90′s, he became drawn to photography only to realize that the dark-room techniques alone were almost as limiting as the paintbrush and canvas. Luckily, the developing technology allowed him to combine the two with the help of some digital tools.

“This digital photography and software gave me the opportunity to generate unique realities that are impossible to create with ordinary dark room techniques,” says Michal.

Most of his work is “a journey to the places which don’t exist”. They’re places from Michal’s dreams, desires, imagination and fears. Are you ready to take a trip?