There’s no need for an alarm clock – when you have the cutest dog in the world waking you up instead.

Lexi is a white and fluffy Samoyed, who is ready to go for a walk. The problem is that her Daddy is still sound asleep in bed. Although she could let him continue to snooze…where’s the fun in that? In the video, we see her on the bed sitting by her owner. He looks quite comfy snuggled under his blankets – so if Lexi is going to get him to part with his bed, she’s going to have to be quite convincing!

The dog begins by ever so gently tapping his chest with her paw. Her Dad opens his eyes and looks at Lexi, gives her a kiss, and goes back to sleep. Well, it’s time for Lexi’s plan B! She starts sniffing his face and giving extra-tiny kisses. When that won’t work, all bets are off. The pup taps her paw on Dad’s face to try and get him to wake up. Although it never shows him actually getting out of bed…really, how could you say no to an adorable puff-ball like that?