It took a whole year, but Eric finally surprised his wife Priscilla with a gift that he and their son Jack put together. Each night while Jack’s mommy went to work, his moments with dad were captured to later be compiled into the most hilarious dubsmash. No matter what they did, or where they went, Eric’s carefully thought-through videos were sure to make Priscilla’s day.

Filled with movie quotes, singing, laughing, and eating, this dubsmash was completely personalized by dad, and made adorable by his very own baby Jack. For mom, it was difficult going to work, but she knew baby Jack was left in good hands. But little did she know all of the adventures that they would have while she was away.

Moment by moment, the two of them were able to bond and get to know each other a little better. Dad’s creative ways lead to their fun, and baby Jack was constantly entertained. It worked out to be the perfect moments to add to their video for mom. Finally, when it was complete, he sent it to her in a text message. Oh the joys she would have re-watching it over and over.