Instead of tossing away those old glass bottles, save them to make these spectacular crafts. And with the holiday season quickly approaching, you’ll have a few great gift ideas to keep in mind!

Instead Of Throwing Away Bottles - She Transforms Them Into Something I Want To Have


An Instant Picture Frame

This vintage look is easy to pull off and looks great in any home.

Instead Of Throwing Away Bottles - She Transforms Them Into Something I Want To Have

Here’s How… First: Get It Clean

Remove the label using hot soapy water and a flat tool. After soaking for a few minutes, they should peel right off.


Next: Roll It On Up

Take your favorite seashell or marble collection in a color that will match your decor and pour it into the bottle. Then take your picture, roll it up and stick it in the bottle as well. The picture will unravel and you’ll have an eye-catching picture frame.


Just look at how gorgeous they are

You can use any picture (as long it will fit) and any color combination to make these cool frames really stick!


A Patriotic Twist

Wow your guests on the Fourth of July when you serve cold drinks in these festive bottles!


Transform A Bottle To A Beautiful Vase

Here’s How…

Follow these simple steps to create a gorgeous vase that can be used as a centerpiece or supplementary decoration.

5 tutorialb

…Another Look

No matter if you decide to use it for a gift, keep it for yourself or keep it tucked away as storage, this cool design is awesome for just about anything.

5 tutorial

A Simple Design

Perfect for the minimalist in your life, these stunning vases will make your feel like a master artist once you’re done. Best of all it’s not hard to do!


Here’s How: Start With A Template

Using an old book or newspaper, cut out flower designs from a template online (like these free cut outs).


Next: Pick The Right Paint

We think the flat white paint like the kind on these bottles is gorgeous but if you want to paint them a different color, by all means, go for it!


A Bit Of Glue And… WOW!

Using Modge Podge glue or a regular glue gun, attach the paper cut outs onto the bottles.  Now you’ll have gorgeous decorations that match your house perfectly.


Put Empty Water Bottles To Good Use

Those VOSS and other glass water bottles are perfect for pasta, flour, sugar and other dry goods.


Pinterest/Maria Marra

Ditch The Plastic – Glass Is Classy

Instead of buying the cheap plastic spray bottles from the store, find a pack of spray nozzle. They will fill most glass twist-top bottles and you can use them forever.


Make Your Own Winter Wonderland

Instead of going out and buying all new winter decorations this season, opt to make your own instead!

Homemade Christmas decorations 12

Here’s How: Just A Few Steps…

For this pretty project you’ll need epsom salt, a newspaper, white paint and your glass bottle.

Homemade Christmas decorations 9

Let’s Get Going…

Take your freshly painted bottle and roll it over the epsom salt that you spread across the newspaper.

Homemade Christmas decorations 10

…A Frosted Masterpiece

The epsom salt will stick to the paint and you’ll have a gorgeous vase that looks like it just popped out a winter’s dream!

Homemade Christmas decorations 6

Dreamy Candlestick Holders

All that these bottles need is a fresh coat of gold spray paint. These candlestick holders add charm to any gathering, and look great on the patio!


Candles, Candles And More Candles

Warm up your indoor or outdoor lighting with these great candle holders.


Season’s Greetings

Set aside the idea of buying expensive letters or decorations to set on your mantel. This is an easy decoration anyone can do.


One For The Birds

Your kids will love watching all the different kinds of birds fly up and nibble from this fun feeder.


Another Fun Winter Craft

Use this as a table centerpiece or jolly mantle decoration. How festive!


A truly Green Garden

The recycled bottle planters are perfect for those with a green thumb.


A Timeless Classic

Drink out of a little piece of history with these cool glasses. The best part is that you can make them at home for free!



But first, learn how to cut the glass

It might seem like a daunting task, but cutting glass at home is actually quite simple. Learn three ways to do it successfully here. (19)

Screenshot via YouTube

Oil Lamps Perfect For An Evening Outside

These are really easy to make, too! All you need is a tiki wick, kerosene and a lighter!



You Can Never Go Wrong With A Mosaic

Learn even more ways how to decorate your home with these fun recycled bottle projects. From breathtaking mosaics to cheerful wind chimes, you’re sure to find something to fit your home in this video.

You CAN Do It!

These crafts may seem like a lot to handle at first, but trust us, you can absolutely handle it! Your family and friends will love your creativity and you’ll be able to share your newfound skills with everyone this holiday season.