Everything children do, they do sincerely and with all their heart — even when they paint your white carpet blue or get all muddy. That’s their way of experiencing the world — they do it because they enjoy it or they want to find out what will happen next, risking any and all consequences.

We warns you: if you suddenly notice that your child is suspiciously quiet, that’s a signal. He’s exercising his talent! And these are the possible consequences:

Dad, could you please watch the laptop while I’m looking for a screwdriver?

Quick! Tell me if there’s any candу!

Mommy, you know, I like flour much more than sand!

I was just helping with the cleaning up…

Mom, just stay calm! We’re no less shocked than you are!

…Have you seen this cool stuff inside our pillows?

Going on a trip? Keep your documents and your kids separate at all times!

…What is it, dad?

I don’t remember you telling us not to play with the flour!

Let’s go, Mary! If the cat can do it you can do it too!

Blue is a better interior choice.

Mom, I need a sword, we’re losing!

That’s what a natural-born artist looks like!

So, mom told us to help her with weeding…