United Arab Emirates, and especially Dubai, produces grandiose projects known for their innovative approach and truly advanced concepts. This year, one of the most ambitious developing enterprises is going to be Floating Seahorse — luxury floating villas, partially hidden under water.

We are in awe of this idea!

This fabulous apartment complex will consist of 42 boats/villas

Each villa offers spacious 1,700 sq ft of floor area and has three levels, with two levels being above the water

The upper level will have a shower, semi-private kitchenette, and mini-bar along with a Jacuzzi with an ostentatious glass floor

The central level will boast an expansive living space, surrounded by a fully equipped kitchen and dining area

The master bedroom and the bathroom will be located in the depths of water, on the lower-most level below the sea

All of the levels have floor to ceiling windows that offer breathtaking views of marine life. It’s your own private aquarium!

The first floating villas will make their debut by the end of 2016