If you grew up as the oldest sibling in your family, you know what it’s like for your life to all of a sudden be very, very crowded.

The toys in the living room sometimes overflow from their storage places. The kitchen table has more hands grabbing at those precious biscuits. You end up getting squished into the middle backseat of the car on the long trip to Grandma’s house.

But, most of all? If you’re sharing a bedroom, it’s going to get extra cozy.

These three young girls were crammed into one room with three beds, with hardly any other space for playing, or even walking. Their bedroom wasn’t a place for imagination or adventure, rather it was simply a place to fall asleep, restlessly, it seems.

Then, after one final night of sleeping in this old, crowded bedroom, the whole family clears almost everything out of the room in the morning.

The cool part is that everyone got to help! This wasn’t just a project for Mom or Dad alone.

When the whole project is all finished? You can tell how much these three sisters are going to love their room — it’s so much less crowded than before! What they did with one of the beds is genius, and allows for so much more space!

Would you do something like this for your kids’ room?

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