Mankind is not regarded as the most advanced species on Earth for nothing — people can make themselves at home almost anywhere at all. And some people out there can make the most of conditions that might seem way too restricted at first, but when you take a closer look, you start wishing you had had the same idea.

We decided to show you five homes that prove that size really doesn’t matter when it comes to living a good home life.

1. The portable home

This house, designed by a Portuguese architecture company, can be disassembled and taken anywhere in the world with the help of a small truck or van. Just imagine having a full-blown home wherever you go!

2. An egg, a ship, and a house

This unique design was created by Stephen Turner, and it’s both self-sustainable and transportable. It can swim along the shoreline, producing its own energy on the way. Strictly speaking, the ’’egg’’ is not a home: it was built as a research facility to study tides, but it looks way too comfy for work.

Nigel Rigden

Although this pretty little house is smaller than your average garage, it can easily accommodate a family of three.


The designers of this dwelling did everything they could to make life in the wilds as enjoyable as possible — its shape and the stilts that it stands on were created specifically for the mountain environment. The huge window is perfect for taking in those spectacular mountain views, whilst comfort is ensured by the cushions and the chimney.


5. The dream house

This house in England has everything a person could want for in a home, including a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom, and even a terrace, all in the space of 320 square feet. And just look at that view!

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