A Military Mom Gets A Much-Deserved Kitchen Makeover While She And Her Son Are Out

Kyla Sampsel served the country as a sergeant in the Indiana National Guard, and was deployed abroad to Afghanistan. While every member of our military is brave, strong, and admirable, Kyla had a young son whom she had to leave behind in order to serve. This makes her among the many who are extra appreciated for protecting their own families even when it puts their own person at risk.

Even though she’s one of America’s heroes, she lost her job when she returned home from deployment. This happens all too often, and too many veterans end up struggling to make ends meet, and to support their families. Veterans should be able to enjoy the time they have with their family after they served their country, but that’s not always possible.

That’s why Wish For Our Heroes works to give these deserving veterans at least a little bit of the happiness that they deserve.

While Kyla went out with her son one afternoon, her friends, family, and the good people from Hhgregg and Maytag took over her kitchen and gave it a nice, fresh look with spiffy new appliances.

When she comes home to a room full of her loved ones, her reaction is priceless. They all had a few more surprises up their sleeves in addition to the new kitchen appliances, so make sure you get all the way to the end!

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