Heartwarming Video Encourages People To Adopt From A Shelter

Each year, nearly 8 million animals enter shelters across America and, sadly, almost 3 million of those get euthanized. It’s a devastating reality that haunts animal activists who try their best to encourage people to adopt rather than buy.

Thankfully, millions of these animals do get a happy ending each year, according to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. And we’ve seen tons of uplifting stories of people bringing these helpless shelter animals into their homes, much like the pooch that was finally adopted after spending two years in a Virginia shelter. And who could forget about the woman who adopted a dog right after he had fallen into an icy lake in Michigan?

In an attempt to raise the number of animals leaving shelters, Save a Hound released a video that’s captured millions of hearts across the nation. (And if you’ve never considered adopting a pet, below is a video that might change your mind!)

It features Suzie, a pooch whose puppy eyes will make you melt as she waits and waits to find a forever home. It’s heartbreaking to watch as people pass her kennel and not give her a second thought.

Finally, a young girl falls in love with Suzie (of course that’s not hard to do) and takes her home. It’s a happy ending that will make any animal lover smile, especially since Suzie was actually adopted in real life.

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