Big Brother’s Magic Trick Has Baby In Awe

Keeping baby entertained was big brother’s specialty when he pulled out a little toilet paper for a magic trick. Baby watched intently on big brother’s hand as he placed a few squares of toilet paper inside. In complete fascination, baby watched as brother made the toilet paper disappear. Watching his face light up with pure wonder made big brother proud. His trick is no secret, and watching him toss the toilet paper across the room can only make you chuckle.

But baby’s innocence and joy shown in his reaction is worth more than gold. To keep baby occupied, big brother repeated his trick, and little baby boy only enjoyed the trick the more he saw it. It was like a complete mystery how the toilet paper disappeared every single time.

It took little effort on big brother’s end, but it was worth every second of his time to share the smiles of his little brother. It’s the little things in life sometimes that can make such a difference to others. An “I love you” is shown through little moments like these, and proves that actions speak louder than words – even if it’s taking the time for a simple magic trick.