Marine Fights For Custody Of Brothers In Foster Care

What an angel! Melissa had a rough childhood that most people couldn’t even imagine. Her mother was always in and out of prison, for a variety of offences, which left Melissa in the hands of foster care the majority of the time.

Despite her rocky start to life, Melissa worked hard in school and joined the Marines as a way to get structure in her life. It turned out to be everything she had hoped for and the possibilities were now limitless for the driven young lady. But when Melissa got word that her younger brothers, J.J. and Christian, were in the hands of foster care after her mother tested positive for meth, she took immediate action.

Melissa drove from her home in sunny California to the Appalachian Mountains in Alabama, where her younger brothers lived. She approached the local judge and petitioned for the right to have full custody of J.J. and Christian. She was nervous that the judge would think she was too young or money-strapped to handle the boys, but then he broke the news: the boys were to live with Melissa, effective immediately. Overjoyed, Melissa went to the boys school to surprise them! Now the boys have a chance to show their true potential, just like Melissa.