This might be the only kid on the planet that actually enjoys eating his vegetables. Well, when you have an awesome Dad that sings a fun green bean song during the meal – what’s not to love? This video is sure to have you smiling AND clapping along.

If this Dad is looking to earn an award for “Father of the Year,” than he certainly has a shot! After all, he creates the most amazing songs for his son while he feeds him, which have been sweeping their way across the Internet. In this video, we have the pleasure of seeing what kind of lyrics Dad can come up with that relate to green beans…and he completely nails it.

The baby sits in his highchair, ready to eat his dinner. That’s when Dad goes off singing. He starts, “Green on beans…green on your soul, and I’ll be your friend. I’ll feed you vegetables!” The entire time his son happily takes in every spoonful while he listens to Dad’s hilarious version of “Lean on Me.” Good job Dad, apparently THIS is how you get your kids to eat their veggies!