Daddy And Daughter Perform Adorable Cover Of Justin Bieber’s ‘Love Yourself’

rowing up, I was practically my father’s little shadow. Whether he was out working in his garage or yelling at the TV while he watched football, I was right by his side mimicking every move he made. While I also enjoyed spending plenty of my time playing with my dolls or riding bikes with friends, those moments goofing around with my dad are some of my absolute favorite memories. And he was never one to turn down an invitation to one of my famous tea parties!

That’s why I love seeing the dad in this video embrace spending time with his little girl, too. Just like the adorable daddy-daughter duo who covered “Shut Up and Dance,” these two have found an awesome connection through the magic of pop music. Rob ACS and his daughter Averianna decided to go for a some sweet Justin Bieber sounds for their duet, covering his hit “Love Yourself.”

They both sit on the couch while Rob starts things off, but it doesn’t take long for Averianna to jump right in. Even when it’s not her turn, you can tell she has trouble keeping herself from belting the lines as she mouths along! I think someone is going to be outshining their old man pretty darn soon. In a few years, I wouldn’t be surprised to see her running her own web series and really giving Dad a run for his money!

But for now, their delightful collaboration totally warms my heart. Take a look for yourself below.

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Dad and ave . “Love yourself ”

Posted by Rob Acs on Sunday, February 14, 2016