Scrumptious Three Ingredient Berry Muffins

Her muffin recipe is shockingly easy with only three ingredients total, yet tastes like it’s from a decadent bakery. She wanted her breakfast to be sweet but also healthy, so she discovered this recipe which serves as both. She gets vitamins and protein packed into each individual muffin, creating a healthy breakfast for both her and the family. What’s great about it is that they are sweet enough to be a dessert as well. Can you guess which three ingredients they are?

She uses berries, bananas, and eggs – that’s all. No one would be able to tell how simple they truly are when taking a bite of one of her delectable muffins. Here is how she does it: she mashes two bananas in a large bowl, then whisks in four eggs until blended well. Next, she brings out her muffin tin and drops in a few berries in each container. Pouring her mixture over the berries, she already prepare the muffins to bake.

Since the muffin mixture contains no flour whatsoever, they only take 12 minutes to bake. Once fully cooked, they are ready to be enjoyed. The fruits contain essential vitamins, and the eggs provide the proteins for a wonderfully healthy breakfast.