Make A Gorgeous Flower Box Right In Time For Spring


What You’ll Need

If you want to give your front or backyard a little something extra this spring, try making this eye-catching planter box! You’ll be able to enjoy the perfect weather and build something that will look amazing for months to come.

For this project, you’ll need:

– Petunias (or flower of your choosing)

– Two pallets (or 1″ x 4″ wood purchased from a home improvement store)

– Hole saw

– Drill

– Screws

– A lot of soil

– Packing peanuts (as filler if your planter won’t be seen from the back)


– Weed guard

– Soil moist granules

To learn how to construct a planter box similar to the one you see here, visit the Her Tool Belt website. Once you have your pallets disassembled and your planter put together, it’s time to move onto to the fun part – the planting of the flowers!


Some (Easy) Assembly Required

Start with the weed guard and then fill with a solid layer of soil, then a thin layer of soil moist granules until it’s right under the first row of horizontal holes. Gently pull the flowers through the holes and leave the roots resting on the soil inside the box, like you see below.


Layer It Up

Once all of the flowers in the row are in place, you can fill the box with soil and the packing peanut filler until you reach the next row of holes! Repeat the process until box is filled.


Showing Signs Of Life

The box of somewhat scraggly flowers will completely transform and you’ll hardly be able to recognize the planter you built months earlier!


It’s Really Growing

Three months after planting, the flowers will begin to grow long downward stems. Your hard work is finally paying off in a big way! Just wait until you see what happens in a few more months…


The Grand Finale

Six months after first planting the petunias, you’ll have a huge flower bush that will be surprisingly easy to maintain! You’ll know exactly where each shootoff stems from and where to trim, if need be.


Get tips on how to take apart your pallet boxes here!


Just In Time For Spring

This is the perfect project to try during spring’s sunny days! You’ll definitely enjoy it in the summertime when dinner guests comment on the beautiful flowers lining your yard.