So you think that the typical day after a brave night are just a human thing? You couldn’t be more wrong! These 15 photos clearly show us that animals can have their hangovers too.

Take a look at the poor bear at #1 or at the monkey at #2, they are clearly showing us their best vodka face.
But it looks like the one that had the worst night ever is the polar bear at #6, I would never want to be that bucket!

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1. My head is spinning…



2. Please leave me alone!



3. Zzz…



4. Are you ok?



5. Don’t talk to me…



6. Never again…



7. It’s his first time



8. Is this going to end?



9. Won’t. Move.



10. Recovering



11. There’s too much light today!



12. I woke up wearing this, can’t remember what happened…



13. My head…



14. This is the last time!



15. W… What time is it?