This wonderful and amazing animation depicts the arrival of the gentle warmth in the air, the team have really created a captivating rendition of a children’s poem…

The children’s poem is beautifully recreated in the 3D world of the animals, with gorgeous backdrops and lifelike animal characters about a forest full of different animals that are all celebrating springtime!

This lovely heartwarming video is called “Two Snails Set Off” and is actually based on the French poem called “Song of the Snails Who Went to Burial”, which was written by Jacques Prévert.

The two snails in this story are mourning an autumn dead leaf, it’s because they take so incredibly long to get to the funeral of the leaf, it is already, now springtime and then the snails arrive…

See Amazing Animated French Poem Animals Encourage Snails Celebrate Spring 01

To cheer up the grieving snails, the sun, and the animals tell the animals that are mourning to shed their dark colors and to have a glass of beer, in celebration of the warmth of the coming weather, with renewed colors of nature to follow!

This little video is delightfully entertaining and hosts an abundance of renowned French actors who play the voice roles of the animals, like Audrey Tautou from “Amélie”, but it also made the Staff picks too at Vimeo.

Cheer up your day, and if you have kids, their day too, then pass on this lovely and entertaining little video to everyone that needs a little bit of a pick me up!

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