It’s hard to define what having kids feels like and what your life turns into when there’s a bunch of little rascals running around. The reason why is simple — every family is different.

While some worry about drawing on the walls, others have to deal with shameful public tantrums. But still having kids and raising them is the most wonderful and happiest thing in life. Enjoy!

Just to recognize them 🙂

It looks like 5 minutes of silence.

It was a busy and tough day!

Oil on canvas, belt, Ass.

No matter how old you are to be a gentleman ! Either you are or you are not!

I’m sorry, dear, ancestors back suddenly, I’ll give you  a call.

The first bouquet.

True friendship is not so easy to destroy.

Mom, I’m a little bit dirty.

“Just come earrings, we played a little bit.”

I’ll show them who’s boss.

Blue color will be perfect match.

 Gene, cover me.


“I just launched a haircut!”

Best friend can endure.

What do you know about despair?

Asked my mother to help with the flower beds …

Strawberry Baron.

If you are going on a trip, remember – children and documents must be kept separately!

And now give me a break, I’m on vacation! 🙂