Tiny animals are adorable. Tiny baby animals are even more adorable. Tiny baby animals that fit in your palm — well, this is a level of adorableness that makes the majority of us give a little squeal.We think it’s high time to ignore our inhibitions and bravely immerse ourselves in the following adorable photos. In the name of science!Don’t give me that look.

Awww, the little otter fingers!

[Incoherent noises].

Just look at this sweet little Bambi.

Why did nobody tell us skunks could be this cute?!

Too adorable to function.

What even are you, charming beast?

I don’t think this one is even real.

Sweeter than a marshmallow.

Those tiny little paws!

Can you believe this is an actual bunny? We can’t either!

This is unacceptable, Sir. Stop being so fluffy.

Is it a mouse? Is it a chicken? Whatever it is — it’s cute as hell.

A unicorn in the making.

An adorable Tasmanian Devil? You must be joking!

He found his tiny little paw. I repeat, he found the paw! Alert the adorbs police!

No words…

So sweet, we could just eat him up.

Rawrrr. A fierce tiger.

What are you doing? Seriously. You’re supposed to be a fish.

Right, we may have a cuteness overdose. Call a kittie… I mean, a doctor!