This photograph shows the really amazing strength of both community and the kindness of human compassion and caring for others…

These passers-by see this poor guy, alone and desperate, he is contemplating the worse thing imaginable not just for himself but for the people he would leave in his wake!

It was going to be a wonderful day though because the community will not let him try to take his life, they show him some love, hold and tie him to the fence of the bridge until more help can arrive.

The group held the man on the bridge in Golders Green, North London, with all their combined strength, all working together to keep him safe, nobody will really know why he is trying to jump from the bridge that day.

Some tie ropes around him others grip his belt and arms, everyone helping together, they just refused to let him go for two whole hours!

Finally, the emergency services arrived on the scene and could take over caring for the man, he was in a bad place, but at least now he stood a chance of getting the help he so desperately needed.

It just goes to show that humanity has really got a kind compassionate side that more of us could share to make a better world!

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