So it’s that time of year again! The time when Christmas is slowly closing in & you’re only now realizing you still have more than 1/2 your friends & family to shop for. And you’re on a budget. And you’re also not completely sure what to get them. Never fear, I’ve compiled a list of items, and personality traits you may want to look out for when thinking about purchasing (or starting to make) gifts.

1) Sentimental People: Make something!

If you know someone who’s particularly sentimental (they never throw away things for memories, they have lots of albums, and things of that nature) they’ll probably love if you made them something, rather than buy. Now, I can’t tell you exactly what to make, but maybe a small album of pictures with you guys together, or a frame with a picture, or something like that! Keep your gift sweet!

2) Not So Sentimental People: Don’t feel obligated to break the bank.

Now, we also all know those people who seem to think Christmas is a time to get showered in diamonds and jewels & who seemingly just don’t understand you’re not Bill Gates & cannot get them a Ferrari for Christmas. For these people I say, buy them something you know they’ll like (jewelry, electronics) but don’t feel obligated to break the bank for them (unless you want to ofcourse). Stay within your budget, and if they can’t appreciate your effort then…why are you friends again?

3) People who say, “I don’t want anything, I already have everything I need.”

These are the kinds of people who will probably value your time, and just being able to see you over the holidays than anything you could ever give them. Which is great. These are the kinds of people who truly do make the world go ’round. For them I’d say get them something that gives them an opportunity to spend time with their friends, or family (or you). Treat them to a dinner, a movie ticket for them and a friend, a vacation (if you can afford it) or something along those lines. They just enjoy your company & the company of loved ones.

Hope these things were helpful, and if you’ve got any other kind of personality traits, or gift ideas, feel free to comment them. Someone somewhere will greatly appreciate the help. This could be your gift to someone else.