For anyone who has ever had the good fortune to have a dog in their lives, this heartwarming video will come as no big surprise as to just how amazing these animals really are.

Sarah is a sweet dog who absolutely loves her family and is well taken care of in her forever home. And while she loves hanging out with her mom, she’s been missing her dad for the past two months.

Unfortunately, he had to be away to work and provide for the family. While it was certainly an adventure to be away working for so long, there really is absolutely nothing better than coming home after a long time being gone.

He knew that Sarah was going to be utterly excited when he came through the door, so he asked his wife to film them reuniting, but he had no idea that she was going to completely lose it!

The second she sees his face, time comes to a standstill. She shows just how loyal and amazing dogs really are when she rushes at him for a big hug and a sloppy kiss, and even though she’s not a tiny puppy anymore, she absolutely demanded to be picked up!

The beautiful moment is truly heartwarming to watch, and we’re so happy that after two very long months, he’s finally safe at home, and they’re a complete family again!

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