It was a perfect day to go out and fish, so Rich and his dog Leia made their way out to Criccieth beach in Wales. But while dad was busy filming the beautiful surroundings, Leia was quick to notice something else…

Leia quickly ran from Rich and approached a spot by the edge of the water. She barked loudly to get her owner’s attention – clearly she needed his help right away. As Rich made his way toward Leia, he thought perhaps she’d caught a small fish or the like.

But soon enough, Rich discovered that it was not just a small fish. He realized that Leia had indeed discovered a sea creature – and at first glance, it looked to him like a baby shark. But when he inspected closer, he could finally see what it really was. Taken by surprise, he knew he had to act immediately.

It turned out that a baby dolphin had washed up on shore, and now lay helpless and unable to get back into the depth of the waters. It was obvious that the dolphin needed immediate help. So Rich lifted the little dolphin and tried patiently, and encouragingly to push the little dolphin back into the sea. Leia meanwhile supervised close by, on alert, just in case her valuable help was needed once again. 🙂 What a beautiful story! I hope that little dolphin found his momma!

Watch the events unfold below:


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