Ramundo Arruda Sobrinho has been homeless for over 35 years, this guy is 77 years old, he has spent all his days doing his passion, which is writing short stories and poetry, he truly lives only for his passion!

To have this kind of dedication in life is a bit like having a calling, like some priests that live in countries like Pakistan, who rely on doing the work of their god, blessings and the kindness of others to survive.

But no matter how you look at people who choose this path, you can really appreciate how incredibly hard it is to do this, but at the same time how liberating it, can be!

But his work remained completely invisible to the world until one day in 2011, he befriended a woman named Shalla.

The video below is a critically acclaimed documentary called “The Conditioned” and it tells about the incredible story of Ramundo’s life and how it changed after giving Shalla one of his poems he had written.

Shalla was so touched by Ramundo’s poetry that she started a Facebook page to share his work with the world. What happened next is nothing short of a miracle.

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