Foster children often sadly experience the feeling of never truly belonging to a family. This is especially true as some foster parents notoriously take advantage of fostering children simply to cash in government cheques. Few words describe what a terrible act that is.

If observing such an unjust act though, what would you do? Would you interfere and speak up? Or awkwardly and silently sit by?

For instance, if you were sitting one day at a restaurant and noticed a foster parent sitting nearby who offers her foster the cheapest choice on the menu – while providing the most expensive one to her biological daughter?

The mother treats the daughter like a little princess and meanwhile scoffs at the foster son – adding that no one will ever want to adopt him.

Thankfully, the scenario above is the scene of a social experiment from popular TV program “What Would You Do?” and doesn’t actually happen in real life. However, it is still powerful enough to bring tears to your eyes.

Always remember- children need us, equally.Thank heavens for the kind people in the experiment who prove that humanity is alive and well.

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