Jordan Anderson is a professional sculptor, today working with a Redwood trunk. With six different chainsaws and angle/die grinders, he completely transforms the huge piece of wood into an amazing work of art. Watching his process is mesmerizing.

This is the sixth elk carving Jordan has done out of Redwood, so it’s no wonder he looks quite confident in what he is doing. In fact, he has carved many unique pieces for people to fit their needs. From bears holding custom signs to elaborate benches, from exterior landmark sculptures to community art projects, he is capable of a wide variety of artwork.

As the bull elk slowly comes to life before our eyes, it’s fascinating to watch the final touches he puts on, like the antlers. The finished bull elk carving is a wonderful tribute to nature. On his website, Jordan talks about his goal being to put a piece of his soul in each of his works. Looking at this beautiful sculpture, it would seem he is succeeding.