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They Disrespected The Anthem. When He Faces Them With These Veterans, Everyone Was In Tears

What a powerful moment these young people will never forget. When basketball Coach Buzz Williams saw the disrespect and lack of attention his players were displaying while the National Anthem was being played his idea to show them what it means to show honor has not only made an impact on them, but millions of people who also now have watched his teaching moment.

Coach Williams gathered together veterans from various services and lined them up for the players to see. He explained to them that these men and women interrupted their lives and chose to serve and honor their country with some giving the ultimate sacrifice. He talked to them that while the anthem is being played, he wanted them to think about that sacrifice for those two and a half minutes and show them the due honor and respect that deserve.

Not only was this a powerful lesson given on court, but also a lesson about respecting others throughout their lives. The impact was not only made on them, but also on the veterans as many had tears streaming down their faces.

Virginia Tech Athletics – PatriotismKudos to Coach Buzz Williams, VT Basketball Coach. Given the ignorance or disrespect evidenced by most of today’s athletes during our National Anthem, he decided to “have a talk with his players”. All coaches need to do something like this with their players!

Coach Buzz Williams, VT Basketball Coach

Don’t you wish all college coaches would do this? In a few years, there would a re-birth of patriotism on college campuses!

Posted by Changing the Game Project on Sunday, March 6, 2016

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