If you love to visit a fresh market, Rom Hub Market is the one that you shall not miss. This is one of the most amazing markets in the world! 

Rom Hub Market or Folding Umbrella Market is located at Mae Klong Railway Station, in Samut Songkhram province (72 km. from Bangkok). Rom Hub is truly a unique market, as it is located right on the active railway track!  And that’s why it is also dubbed the “Market on the Railway Track”. 

The shoppers have to walk on the narrow railway track while shopping around because all stalls are lining along the track. It is a 100-metre portion of track between Mae Klong and Ban Laem train stations. 
When the train is approaching the market, the train driver will sound the horn very loudly to warn the vendors. To clear the way for the coming train, all the vendors will quickly fold away their umbrellas or awnings and remove their containers and goods placed close to the tracks. Many vendors use the stalls equipped with wheels so that they can slide them out of the way conveniently. The train moves slowly through the market, passing the vendors, shoppers and stalls just a few inches away. Once the train is gone, the vendors raise the awnings, push back the stalls into position and resume their business again as if nothing had happened. The train passes through it eight times a day (four arriving, four departing).