Wise man once said – „Winter makes a bridge between one year and another and, in this case, one century and the next“, making this time of the year the most magical and gathering one. Taking into consideration the cold and the snow, most people think that challenges mean more when obstacles are higher than usual.

Being attracted to the season’s greeting, the white landscapes attract many eyes and fantasies; inviting us to create a list of seven scenarios for a perfect winter…

1.Midnight walks in the city park

The photograph above stands as an open invite-card. Does your city own a park? Are you happy enough no one to took care about cleaning the snow until now? Grab your significant other or call your friends for a midnight walk – you can never guess how the intimacy of the quiet nature can make you fell like the king of the world. And being blessed to have the most important persons by your side this evening.

2.Quality time with family

A spot in front of the fireplace, cups with hot chocolate and colorful socks which can guarantee a chat with smiles can only happen during the winter. The cold brings people together – staying in the most warm room, (near the router), waiting for some snacks and after all, using the free holiday time as everyone should, by being in family mood.

3.Gateway into cozy village

The escape from the city chaos and red lights while it’s snowing is probably the best choice you can make. Even if you are not a winter-sport addict, you can still enjoy the sun on the mountain, by drinking tea with rum. You can still climb by foot and breathe some fresh air. And at the nights… what is better than a fire and a glass of wine, while the silence provides relaxation for all senses…

4.Renewing the old Sleights

Every tale about Santa Clause has to consist at least one sleight – the place where presents are taken, the dreams are carried. Several reindeers are giving their efforts to fly across the sky and to choose the right chimney, to leave Santa on the table with milk and cookies. This is what children think when they look upon the sky in winter, this is how they feel the magic while using a sleight. Some of them, maybe for first time in their lives.  

5.Finally time for the read-list

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Books are the most tolerant friend of them all, because they will always wait for the perfect timing. They will always agree on your schedule and definition of enjoying – while being comfortable in a cozy blanket, with appropriate light and enough amount of caffeine in a cup. Why wouldn’t you hide in your book-fortress? Winter wouldn’t mind, she asks you to!

6.Travel. Travel while it’s cold outside

Warm seat and the real company next to you. Is it a person or a book, it’s only up to you. If you choose to travel alone, keep in mind that one book wouldn’t be enough for all the roads and all the cafeterias; and if you travel with a selected human being, make sure he/she is the right one. Make sure that you know who you’re whispering „baby, it’s cold outside…“.

7.Fall in love, love what you have

Kissing under the mistletoe? Not only on Christmas! Kissing and hugging is a must while the winter is on, because we all know that only the warmth of the ones you love can keep you warm like it should. As the author of Game of Thrones says, „Nothing burns like the cold.”. And he is absolutely right!