DIY Fairy Lanterns That Light Up The Room

With only a few supplies, she made a simple DIY lantern that lights up the room with its unique glow. She uses garden fairy cutouts placed inside of the jar so that they appear to have a magical fairy inside when lit by a candle. Making a few jars and placing them together, she used them as decorating accents, but they can also be used individually as a nightlight. The sparkling fairies instantly draw your attention and bring a smile to your face. To make the lanterns, she gathered jars, cutout fairies, glue, tissue paper, glitter, twine, and artificial berries.

She starts by bending the berries back and forth to loosen the cutouts to be able to press easily inside of the jar, then secures it with glue. To make them pop, she covers the entire outside of the jar with glue, then one layer of white tissue paper. By gluing glitter around the top and bottom, she creates a magical effect to the lantern.

The finishing touches are simply adorable as she wrapped a twine bow around the top, and glued a few foam berries along with it The final product is simply adorable and can be used with either candles or battery-powered lights.