As soon as a couple finds out they’re going to have a child, the thought of waiting a whole nine months to meet the little nugget can feel like an eternity. Every checkup is like seeing a preview for the best movie ever made, the image becoming clearer and clearer each time you take a peek. Finally, the day arrives when you get to hold your baby in your arms and all of that waiting seems like it went by in the blink of an eye.

For musician Tom Fletcher, he and wife Giovanna helped pass the time before their first son, Buzz, was born in 2014 by taking photos of her pregnancy’s progress every day. After bringing Buzz into the world, the McFly singer compiled the footage for an adorable timelapse. So, naturally, when they found out they were pregnant again with their second son, they had to document the event in the same super-sweet way!

The video begins with Giovanna at three months along standing near the crib while Buzz and Tom hang out inside. If you couldn’t already tell from Buzz’s name, the nursery makes it pretty clear how much this family loves Disney! As Giovanna’s belly grows and grows, Tom sings a lovely song about how happy he is that they’ve made another new human together. He also expresses his hope that “it gets your nose, your fingers and your toes, ’cause mine are pretty gross let’s face it…” By the end, it’s time for Giovanna to walk away and return with their brand bundle of joy: Buddy Bob Fletcher.

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