Unless you’re living in the North Pole (much like I am) it’s probably starting to get warmer where you are. If you’re in the States or Canada Daylight Savings time has kicked in and it’s staying a lot brighter a lot later. However, if you’re currently in school or working in education this is also the period I like to call “the final countdown.” *cue music*

With just under a month, or two left to work and be in school these are the times life gets more hectic than ever. It’s also the time when you’re making plans for what you’re going to do with all this time off when it finally arrives!

So here are some tips, from someone completely unqualified to give them, for getting through these months.

1) Don’t leave all your studying/assignments/work until the day before summer break.

2) Make your travelling plans BEFORE summer actually arrives. If you’ve ever looked at ticket prices you know that once summer times rolls around, they double…or even triple the price they were a few months ago. If you’re sure you want to go somewhere don’t wait on purchasing tickets.

3) If you plan to get a job: apply before the actual day you get summer break. By then, every company who’s planning on hiring for the summer, probably already has.

4) Buy your sunscreen/swimsuits/shorts and all other summer wear now…before actual summer time rolls around. Just like the price of plane tickets, the price of these things will also increase 100 fold by the time summer actually rolls around.

5) And lastly (for all my fellow northerners) don’t get sick! This is prime time for people to start falling ill. Allergies, and let’s not even start on the indecisive weather. Sunny one day, cold wet and raining (even snowing) the next. Do everything in your power to stay healthy before your time off.

And lastly, and I guess most obviously make sure you get excited! If you can’t travel, like me, find things to do around your town & make the most of your time off. Summer only comes once a year.


x Leah Symonne x