Grace Chon is an award-winning advertising agency art director and photographer. Her clients include celebrities, publishing companies, magazines, TV shows, and non-profit organizations. Recently she decided to snap a few shots of her adorable 10-month-old son named Jasper and her dog Zoey. Grace says Jasper always has a smile on his face when the camera comes out and Zoey loves posing for the camera too.

Grace rescued Zoey. She said, “She had a difficult start in Taiwan as a rescue dog, she was born in front of a store and the owner washed her and all her siblings into a gutter. A schoolgirl walking by witnessed this and scooped up all the puppies and carried them home, with Zoey’s mom following her all the way. She contacted Animal Rescue Team in Taiwan and they prepared the puppies and mom for adoption in the states.” Grace went to pick up Zoey at the Los Angeles Airport and the rest is history.

These two make the most adorable team!

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