Your friends are all hitched up. Some have or are going to have their first child. When you meet they have other things to talk about, other concerns, and you may even be feel an undercurrent of pity passing through them. The reason? You are still single.

By yourself, you may be happy enough with the situation, but there is this pressure, albeit unconscious, from friends and parents. There is this pressure, this unspoken question. Why she (or he) is not married yet?

It’s not that you don’t like guys (or girls). You doand they like you too. You go out on dates. But for some reason it never comes to anything significant, and sometimes you wonder why.

Well, here are some common reasons why this may be happening.

1 You don’t want to give up the freedom of single life

You like who you are and your freedom and alone time. And you don’t want to give them up. That is being selfish. Marriage is of necessity a compromise. And to have a long and happy marriage, the keyword is compromise, compromise, compromise. That has to work both ways, of course.

2 You work nights or weekends

This one is difficult to solve. No one would like to marry someone who is not at home during regular hours.

3 You are messy

Take a good look at your living surroundings. Are you a slob? You have to lose that habit fast, my friend. Keep the bathroom clean, don’t leave your clothes and underwear lying around. It is a huge put off!

4 You post everything on Facebook

You love to post everything on social media. Well keep your love life out of it. Your partner will certainly not like all your 520 friends discussing the sex you had last night.

5 You live at home

You need to move out. No one likes to meet the parents or see your childhood favorite teddy on the first date.

6 You are best friends with your Mom

I can’t begin to tell you how not right that is. Your partner will not like you telling all to your Mom.

7 Your friends are too important

Your friends are important. There’s no doubt about that. But are they more important than your budding relationship? If you think so, you’re in trouble. Your partner is not worth it if they are willing to play “second fiddle”.

8 You tell the boys/girls everything

No woman or man for that matter likes their partner’s friends to know their secrets. Those photos he or she sends you are personal. Treat them that way

9 You can’t voice your opinion.

If you don’t like something, don’t be afraid to speak up. If you want Chinese food, say so. If you don’t like “sci-fi” movies, say so. But respect your partner’s likes and dislikes too.

10 You don’t like yourself

If there is something about yourself you don’t like; nose too long, legs too fat, breasts too small whatever, don’t harp on it when you are with your partner. No one is perfect, and you chose each other as you are.

11 You don’t ask enough questions

Sure, your partner wants to know all about you, but show him or her that you are interested about them too. Otherwise you will show up like a self-interested person.

12 You have unrealistic expectations

You are not alone in dreaming of an ideal partner. Unfortunately, in the real world “ideal” seldom exists. It is hard, messy, and quite often shit happens. Understand it. Live with it. That is the way to happiness and content.

So that was our guide for reasons why you may still be single, and in it we have also tried to give hints which we hope will be helpful. Just be level-headed, don’t have too high expectations, and 90% of the time, al least, it will work out.