This post will make you want to go hug your dog. Warning: this post contains cuteness overload.

Settling in for nap time.

Meeting his new sister for the first time.

They missing us all the time. As I was saying goodbye, my dog did this..

Always Faithful: you and your four-legged friend!

Generally well as a number of a friend who spoils the photos.

Homeless man with dog. Indeed, a picture speaks a thousand words.

LilyBelle GoldenDoodle More Than a Little Girl’s Best Friend: Dog Helps Save 7-Year Old’s Life Every Day

And This companion.

And this golden heart rescue dog!

My 13 year old beagle and my 95 year old granny.

Even when you walk down the aisle.

Or when the next one will not.

Halloween Dreams….
(No, they don’t let me eat the chocolate) – Dogs have incredible patience.

And when the Dog helps patients with epilepsy to open the refrigerator .

And these Specially trained dogs in an American dental clinics to help young patients cope with fear.

Traveling With such a great friend.

Dogs caught in moments of tenderness with their masters.

Little Boy And His Bulldog Are The Only Valentines You Need

But they also need to know that they are loved.