It’s been scientifically proven that, on average, women have longer lifespans than their male counterparts. While some scientists may say that it’s because of diet, physical activity, or genetics, we found some troubling photographs that unveiled the real truth.

I wonder how many of their last words were, “Wait! I have a better idea! 🙂

1. When this guy flirted with the laws of physics

2. When this guy inspired us all to collectively soil our pants in empathy

3. When these guys forgot how electricity works

Guys, hold the ladder!

When this guy decided that one arm was a proper security measure

What do you know about the sense of balance?

When these guys trusted each other way too much.



The main thing – properly grounded equipment.

A very simple question “will it sustain?” Hope he will find the answer.

1st floor or thirty third – what’s the difference?

How the h… did he get there!`?

Stairs in general can stand on anything, it’s the most stable thing in the world!

When these guys relaxed in the shade of their backhoe.

Well, do not drain the water from the well of a light bulb!

When this guy’s ladder wasn’t juuuuuust long enough

When this guy put a lot of trust into his emergency brake

Fitness art – it’s just simple as that.

8. When these guys couldn’t find a normal ladder that was good enough

When these guys selfishly neglected to take an “after” picture


Luggage carts at the airport deficit, but with a sleight of hand, workers have no problems!

When this guy found a cozy place to put his soda bottle.

When these guy took the ultimate trust fall

When these guys couldn’t find a ladder and tried DIY 🙂

I wonder how many of their last words were, “Wait! I have a better idea!” 🙂