Everyone loves little puppies. But that’s not actually always soo fun as it looks like.

Although they may look as if they are having the time of their lives with no worries, it’s unlikely that they feel as carefree as they look but these cute Puppies still have a lot to learn. For example:


You have to be very brave when you go to the vet

You can not just pick up and chew on whatever you want

Older brothers are not always gentle

Sometimes you have to stand up for ridiculous photoshoots

You do not know what are your possibilities

You’ve got to look cute, but does not always work to cope with hair

Going Up the Stairs feels like climbing a mountain

And when you get the feeling that you are stuck.

You still have not learned to control your body

As well as to balance

You do not know what to expect from the cats

To learn how to play, you need a lot of practice

No one takes your threats seriously

And W..! How can you mix me.

You are so small that adults sometimes do not notice you

Even some toys are too big so you can play with them

You get stuck everywhere!

You have still not figured out what the pool is

And the mirror

You grow up so quickly that you are favorite cosy shelf cannot fit you

Going shopping it’s not always fun 🙁

Cooks are just so underappreciated these days.

Such hard work snacking. Time for a nap.