Winston Churchill famously said, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.”

Here are 34 Not Especially Random Acts Of Kindness To Try Out Today.”

Put a little love in your heart. Thinking of u France #JeSuisCharlie

1. Bring coffee to the interns at work who are always tasked with going on coffee runs.
2. When it is crowded on public transportation, offer your seat to someone in high heels. They might have an interview!
3. Send your mother a thank-you card on your birthday. It’s a special day to her too.
4. Tell a stranger in the dressing room who is shopping alone that something looks great on them.
5. Post a group photo from childhood to Facebook and tag people you have as friends but don’t connect to often.
6. Email your favorite writer or reporter with a brief note about how their work inspires you.
7. If you have trouble communicating with a parent, give them a copy of your favorite book and ask them to read it. It’s a way for them to know you better without having to talk.
8. Buy your cat or dog a cut of fancy meat meant for humans on the anniversary of their adoption. Or on Valentine’s Day!
9. Leave a nice review for one of your childhood teachers on

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10. If a person is attempting to get a stroller up or down stairs alone, help them.
11. Make a bad Photoshop of your best friend and their celebrity crush in an elaborate wedding scene. Text it to them without any comments.
12. Like someone’s selfies on Instagram, even if you hate selfies.
13. Find a way to tell a receptionist or administrative assistant at your work that you know that their work is not only difficult, but requires a very particular set of skills and knowledge. It’s true and few people say it.
14. Proactively introduce yourself to people who move into your building or onto your block and offer to help them with moving-in tasks.
15. Leave a big tip for a server being mistreated by other customers and a note that thanks them for great service.
16. If you use the last of the toilet paper in a public bathroom stall, find a way to replace it so the next person isn’t left hanging.
17. Buy food you don’t necessarily want from enthusiastic kids selling it. You can give it to a food bank or the homeless or literally anyone else later.

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19. Give a reusable water bottle full of water to a homeless person.
20. Write your 50 favorite things about a friend who has just gone through a breakup.
21. Smile at a mother whose baby is crying. Everyone else is scowling at her.
22. Compliment an older person’s outfit. It happens less and less as you get older.
23. Ask a grandparent to tell you a story about when they were your age. Listen to it.
24. Tell a recently divorced friend that you’re there for them, withhold advice for them.
25. Listen to an entire album by an artist you don’t like but a parent loves. Tell them one nice thing about it.
26. Tell a younger sibling how much you’ve learned from them.
27. Donate towels and blankets to an animal shelter.

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28. Say “Good morning” to strangers in the elevator.
29. Thank a doctor and dentist for spending all that time in school so that they could help you stay healthy. These professions have very high suicide rates.
30. Learn to say “Hello” and “Thank you” in the native language of immigrants from work, school, and in your neighborhood.
31. Tell a small child in your family that you’ve met Santa Claus or the Easter bunny in person.
32. Thank the contact in human resources who conducted your initial interview for opening the door to your current opportunity.
33. If you’re saying nice things about a person who is not present, text them to let them know.
34. If you’re just thinking nice things about a person, text them to let them know.