“Out of the mouths of babes”. Isn’t that just so true? Children have a freedom of expression that we as adults can only wish for. As well as the ability to speak honestly and call a spade a spade, children can enjoy a simple view of life not yet jaded by adult experiences.

Adults often believe that children should listen to their elders to learn about life.

We should all broaden our minds and study some of the lessons in life that we can learn from children – you’d be surprised as to how relevant they are to us all. Please do read on for my list of 8 Sobering but Simple Lessons in Life We Can Learn From Children and enjoy!


Children are completely unique. Even twins and triplets are always forging their own individual identities, but unfortunately as adults we can often fall into the trap of trying to be someone that we are not. People should learn to like you for who you are, not for what you think they want you to be – the right person in your life will appreciate the authentic you, not a manufactured copy of someone else.


Children are the happiest human beings on the planet, regardless of their situation and surroundings. Adults are far too caught-up in the problems in the world that they forget to just smile and be a happy, positive person – if you learn a lesson in life from a kid, it’s that you really should smile more.


Yes, skip. It’s one of the best ways to relieve the stress that you’ve accumulated after a hard day at work, even if it’s seen as socially unacceptable for adults. Who cares? Not me! Skipping is not only a fun and fast way of getting around, but helps you to exercise and aids your mood. People might look at you a little strangely, but hey – you’re happy!


One of the lessons in life that we can learn from those younger than us is how to make friends easily. You need to stop worrying about how people perceive you and just form friendships. Whether you are at the supermarket or the canteen at work, potential friends are all around you. It has been said a stranger is just a friend you haven’t met yet.


I envy the fact that children can lay down on the sofa and just fall asleep. As an insomniac, I have always found it hard to sleep at night – the perfect solution was formed when I learnt that I can take a short nap during the day to help revitalize me. Not only does it help to sooth your tiredness, you’ll feel great afterwards.


We all forget how great singing is. It’s the simplest lessons in life we learn that can make us the happiest, with singing being the simplest of them all. When you are feeling stressed, or just have the inclination to burst out in song, do it! You don’t even have to sing out-loud, but humming and whistling works just as well. Belting out your favorite tunes as you shower or bath in the morning – you’ll be surprised by how it makes a great start to your day.


A great thing about children is that they are able to take risks without worrying about the long-term consequences. Doing whatever you feel like without necessarily thinking it through will make you feel young again, removing any of the boredom that you may face during the day.


One of the lessons in life that children can teach us is that we need to continue to explore throughout our lives. Mentally, physically and emotionally, you can explore everything around you. Going for a walk in the forest and pondering the great questions of life can help you to relax and feel young.

Children take time to appreciate the simple joys of life without even knowing they’re doing so. As adults we have to make it a more conscious process. Kick down those barriers and live!