Banish that wobbly belly forever with these stomach-toning exercises and training tips.
When it comes to body confidence, a flat, defined stomach is a definite boost. Most blokes dream of shedding their shirt at the beach and flashing a chiselled, washboard stomach. And for women, a flat, wobble-free midriff is a common fitness goal.

As is generally the case, though, the things we crave the most are often the hardest to change. A defined stomach is hard work to achieve, but it is possible. In this workout, we showcase four of the best abs exercises to get a taut and terrific tum.

Here is an amazing Ab workout series ranging from beginner right up to elite.  A major part of you fitness needs to concentrate on your core and these exercises are guaranteed to get the job done.  With this series you can start off easy with you Ab workout and build yourself up to the elite series over time.


Ab Workout Beginner series


Ab Workout Intermediate series


Ab Workout Expert series


Ab Workout Elite series